Bringing the sweet + The heat

Bushwick Kitchen

At Bushwick Kitchen they believe food can taste extraordinary in its simplicity and filling our bottles (and our bodies) with nature’s finest. Bushwick has been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Martha Stewart and Bon Appétit. Starting with top-notch ingredients sourced from the best growers and makers, their products deliver flavorful twists on popular staples that inspire in the kitchen. Their honey products are made by combining the best wildflower honeys from the US and they are also gluten-free and Paleo-friendly. These honeys go great on •biscuits •pizza •ice cream •cheese plates •fried chicken •scones •a hot toddy •berries •glazed donuts or •salmon. Pair one of their flavor packed srirachas with •scrambled eggs •burritos •mac & cheese •breakfast sandwiches •bloody marys •chicken stew or •sweet potato fries just to name a few!