award winning gourmet salsa & Sauces

Fire & Flavor

Flavor & Fire manufactures gourmet quality hot sauces, salsas, condiments, rubs and spices. Their products are mindfully sourced and artfully concocted, all-natural and preservative free. They use only the finest ingredients, and blend them for the ultimate experience of Flavor & Fire. This husband and wife team produces all of their products at their commercial kitchen in Worthington Ohio. They make their own pepper puree to insure the highest quality ingredients in all of their products, processing thousands of pounds of locally grown pepper each fall. They now have over 80 products in production under their brands, have won 12 awards, and are coming out with more all of the time. They make from the mildest heat levels to the extreme rip your face off hot sauce and salsas. This is some of the most delicious, small batch, gourmet hot sauces and salsas you will ever taste!