3rd generation butchers with tasty snacks

Firecreek Snacks

Dustin Riechmann is a snack-loving guy with small-town roots. When the opportunity came to partner up with a “meat master” from his hometown in Jerseyville, Illinois he jumped at the chance. Dustin’s business partner is Ryan Hansen – the 3rd generation owner of a butcher shop that’s been a staple in Jerseyville since 1952. Ryan was ready to take his coveted, all-natural protein snacks outside of his shop and out to customers across the USA, so the partnership and the official FireCreek Snacks brand were born. Here’s how Ryan describes their approach: “I had the same struggles many active folks do in trying to find a convenient protein snack that’s also healthy…I wanted to create a snack that was not only the best-tasting, but one that parents would feel proud to give to their children. I truly believe we have “The Best Snacks in the World”.