Eco-friendly greeting cards

Muddy Mouth Cards

Angie, the owner of Muddy Mouth Cards, is proud to own this all female business since 2013. Using skills learned at her previous job as a designer at Archiver’s, a Minneapolis based scrapbook company, she started adding her own sense of sarcasm and profanity to her creations. The response from friends was so positive that she decided to sell them on Etsy and it’s just boomed since. They put a GREAT emphasis on going green and using sustainable products and shipping materials. The solid colored cardstock and the kraft-brown envelopes come from recycled paper. Even the plastic sleeve each card is stored in comes from a premium eco plant-based PLA (polylactic acid). The shipping boxes and envelopes are also made from recycled materials and the ink on the packaging is plant based (algae, actually!).