5 Knives Café is the product of a self-made chef and an opportunity of a lifetime.

With nearly a decade of experience as an Executive Chef, I felt creatively restricted by the limited, repetitive menus of restaurants. My desire to branch out artistically and independently led me to become a private chef for high-end dinner parties. During this time, I taught myself new techniques and different styles of cooking. I explored combining unique flavors and searched for the freshest local ingredients.

During my travels as a private chef, I noticed a lack of convenience when searching for a quick lunch between events. I envisioned a café full of fresh, wholesome foods that people could grab and go. Others believed in my vision and capability as well and I was soon after presented with the business opportunity to renovate and reinvent a closed-down café on the West side of Grand Rapids. So, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work – I now present to you his vision-come-to-life; 5 Knives Café.

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When someone enjoys doing what they are doing and puts passion into it, it's the difference between a satisfying meal and an amazing meal, a meal that gives you an experience, a meal that you remember the smells, surrounding environment, and the people you were with.

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